Odys: Did Athens Build the Parthenon?

Odys, a soldier (437 BC)

I knew it was not a good idea to build the Parthenon. After ten years, they are still not done building. Now, Pericles has plans to build more temples and buildings on the Acropolis. He is out of his mind. The Parthenon is beautiful, but it is not necessary. We could have honored Athena with a smaller temple, and then still had plenty of money left in the treasury in case of war.

Pericles is a tricky man who is only out for himself. He does not care about democracy. I tried to warn the Assembly that Phidias, his sculptor and architect, was no good. No one listened to me then, but now they see I was right. I am so happy that Phidias is now on trial for stealing gold from the statue of Athena. He is also accused of disrespecting the gods by carving a picture of himself on Athena’s shield. If only Pericles would be put in prison as well. He wants to turn Athens into a government run by one man- himself! I am afraid that soon Athens will no longer be a democracy.