Hector: Did Athens Build the Parthenon?

Hector, merchant foreigner (437 BC)

I must admit that the Parthenon is beautiful. Of course, I will never go to the religious festivals because I am not a citizen of Athens.

Building the Parthenon has taken over Athens. I am a merchant and I helped bring to Athens much of the marble, ivory, gold, and wood that was needed to build the Parthenon and the statue of Athena. While building the Parthenon is good for my business, I think it is very bad for Greece.

I just returned from Delos where my relatives live. They tell me that Delos and other city-states are still mad at Athens for using all the treasury money to build a temple that will only benefit Athens. They think that Delos and other city-sates might stop giving Athens money for the treasury. Of course, they are also afraid of Athens and its powerful navy. Will this lead to war?