Agi: Did Athens Build the Parthenon?

Agi, poor worker (437 BC)    

I am now a rich man. Well, I am not rich, but my sons have good jobs and support our family. My sons spent the last ten years working on the Parthenon. Every day, they get up before dawn and travel to the Acropolis. They bring marble from the center of Athens to the top of the Acropolis. It is hard work, but they are greatly rewarded. They are paid for their work, and they have the honor of helping to build the Parthenon, a most amazing temple.

Every evening, they return home with stories of the most beautiful sculptures that Phidias is creating. They have even stolen a peek at the statue of Athena. They say it is thirty-nine feet tall and covered with gold and ivory.

The building is soon going to be complete, and my sons will be out of jobs. It has been an honor for them to help build the Parthenon. Pericles is a great man. Without Pericles, we would never have this great temple. I am sure he will find a new way to provide jobs for the poor citizens of Athens.